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The BBQ Chef - Grilled Steak with Bold Maple BBQ Smoke Box


ORDER ONLINE AT: The BBQ Chef - Grilled Steak with Bold Maple BBQ Smoke Box The BBQ Chef Smoke Box is a unique disposable container filled with natural woodchips,...

Revolver BBQ smoking and grilling meat


Revolver shaped BBQ smoking and grilling burgers Modeled after the Ruger Vaquero 5 foot tall 13 foot long Built by Darren of Off The Hook Design And Fab 970 ...

How to modify your gas grill to smoke meats!-1/1


Modifying my gas grill in order to smoke meats. I used an idea from another Youtube video to get the cooking effects I was looking for.

Meat grinding basics, Steak burgers


Learn the basics of grinding meat at home. Keep it cold. Chill meat for 20 minutes in the freezer before grinding. Make Steak Burgers with Jimmy Kerstein, au...

Automated grill for Shawarma ( Arabic grilled meat )


Shawarma (Arabic: ???????) is an Arabic meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, turkey,beef, veal, or mixed meats are placed on aspit (commonly a vertical spi...

Add oil to meat before grilling.


via youtube Capture.

Street Food Vietnam gourmet - Grilling Meat over Charcoal. BBQ


Visit my blog at Follow my Facebook at There's nothing like enjoying some gourmet nuong or grilled m...

Salsa de Parilla - Kefir Sauce for Grilled Meats Recipe


Kefir, fresh leek and 1 tooth of fresh Garlic, swirl a toothpick dipped in Basil Essential Oil and a bit of olive oil. Blend and enjoy!

Orlando Meats - Teaser


Video showcasing variety of products of Orlando Meats during a grilling and photo shoot session.

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